Monday, April 23, 2012

'Plaid' curves table runner

The front!

The back!

This turned out very nicely.  The plaid fabric used in the original design was a bit too masculine for me, so I went the opposite way: very pink! 

The design is from the very talented Kevin Kosbab, who can be found blogging here.  He has contributed many times to Stitch magazine, and I always like his designs.

Only one pitfall, but it was a doozy.. the templates were printed slightly wrong!  After carefully cutting out all the pieces for the fans and sewing them together, I realized the curves were not correct!  I had to take all the pieces back apart, re-cut them, and reassemble them!  I should have know better. 

The good news is, of all the hundreds of pattern templates printed in Stitch, this is the only one that has ever been printed incorrectly.  If you want to make this runner for yourself, the revised templates can be found on Stitch blog.

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