Sunday, November 11, 2012

Orchard Pillow

I want to start by saying how hard I love this pillow, and also that the photos don't do it justice!

This pattern is the design of Krista Hennebury, who you can find blogging here.  The pattern was featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Stitch.

I knew when I saw the orchard pillow I wanted to make it, but it has a bear of a list of materials and instructions, so I held off. 

A few notes on my deviations from the pattern: I hand appliqued my pears, as I didn't want the stiff feel of a fusible webbing.  This took a considerably longer time than the fusible method.  Also in the original pattern, you place cotton batting behind the main front panel then top stitch around the pears (and through the cotton batting) so they puff alittle.  But since I hand appliqued my pears and wouldn't be top stitching them, I sandwiched some batting in between the pear and the front panel instead of behind it.
I had a lot of the dark grey fabric on hand, so I used it for the back as well as the front.

There are no pitfalls in this pattern, but I will stress, as I wrote above, that there is a long list of materials needed and even if you choose to fuse your pears, it's still a lengthy (but worthwhile!) project.

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